Karmic Ties and Emotional Triggers

Lately, I have worked with several people who have experienced an uprising of strong emotions without knowing what they are connected to.  Sometimes a photo, a situation, location, or event triggers an uncontrollable intense response; very often the person feels embarrassed, confused, or even ashamed.  I want to tell you that if this has happened to you, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. It is fairly common, and represents an unresolved issue from your past in this lifetime or a past life!  Here is your opportunity to deal with it and begin taking the, “charge” out of it.

Memories are stored at the time of exposure to an experience; this is true for both positive and negative experiences.  When we are exposed to a negative incident, say something that scares us, it is marked and stored as memories.  They begin originally in the short term memory, this is the conscious mind.  They then progress to a longer term memory; this is the subconscious mind, until finally they become stored at the cellular level.  Once a memory is stored at the cellular level it is now at the body level.  This is where phobias, allergies, flashbacks, reactive responses such as fight or flight are born and remain until they are released and healed.

So when we are re-exposed to a situation that was cataloged in our memory system, we automatically react; but we react with the mind set that we were in at the time of the original incident.  So, if we became afraid of say, spiders at age two because we were bitten, or a family member instilled this fear in us at that age, every time for the rest of our lives and into the next ones if it is not cleared, we experience a spider, we react like a two-year old. This could look like screaming, shrieking, running away, curling into fetus position, etc.  This is because the memory of the original incident is pulled up into present time; we become the two-year old with the two-year old set of tools.  Never mind that you are now 57 and can calm yourself.  The reaction appears to be irrational, when in fact it is simply a fight or flight response based on the coping skills you had at the time.  This is a TRIGGER.  It is at its most basic, a form of post-traumatic stress.

For situations like allergies, a person’s body is rejecting a substance that it was exposed to in a negative way.  In my experience, many people who are allergic to cats for instance, were once eaten by lions as Christians in the arenas in a past life.  Many rag weed and other plant allergies are from dying in battle fields in which the body’s last moments of life perceived the presence of that plant and stored it as a memory of that death and that suffering.

In my own experience, about 14 years ago my grandfather passed. He was the most important person in my life and I was beyond grief stricken.  It took me a long time to begin to move forward.  When I was much younger and my house was newly purchased, he helped me to make a wonderful circular bench around this huge Mulberry tree in my back yard.  I never had any allergies to this tree, or in fact to anything else.  After he died, I began to have horrible allergies, especially with my eyes, around March, which is my birth month.  It was terrible.  Every year, I would suffer with what felt like sand paper in my eyeballs.  People would tell me, “Oh you’ve developed and allergy to this tree because you lived here so long, it’s inevitable.”  One day I went to a class on EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique). (It’s free on line, you can Google it and learn how.) It came up that I had allergies to trees.  I agreed and said that it was Mulberry.  Suddenly, I began to cry and all of this disconnected grief came over me.  We began working to clear my “trigger,” and it came up as my grandfather, and I remembered the bench around the tree.  I cleared the incident and I have never again had a problem with Mulberry or any other allergy.

This is an example of that grief being stored in association with my grandfather and a positive memory on my cellular level.  Every time around my birthday, a celebration of my life, the grief became present because my grandfather was the only person who ever loved me unconditionally. I was mourning the loss of that support and celebration.  That tree became a symbol of him on my body’s cellular level, the grief affecting my eyes as sorrow through their irritation causing tears and redness.  Once I cleared the energy of the trigger it was no longer an issue.  This is freedom.  This is empowerment.

There are many ways to clear triggers, what is important is that you continue to do so on your own. Do your inner work and tackle your issues, clearing them until there is no “charge” on them.  You want to feel neutral about an issue that negative so that it doesn’t control you.

Here are two articles I previously wrote on my blog to help you with these issues.  This first one, the exercise number three, (#3), F/O Hold with Re-frame is very effective for shifting your perspective and taking the charge out of an incident. it works with your brains electrical system, increasing circulation, and working with your perception centers at the back of your eyes.  It’s how you perceive the world. It will clear it permanently if you continue to work it until you have zero charge on the issue.


This second one is a daily meditative exercise that will cleanse you, cut your Karmic ties that can connect you energetically, maintaining the “charge” ‘on an issue, and create a protective shell.


I recommend doing both.  I would make a list of all of my issues and begin tackling one or two a day until there weren’t any more.  You will always make new ones, or discover very old ones as you begin to clear away the layers.  It is a wonderful way to do great self care and help you gain better control of your emotions and add to your overall well being.

2016 Copyright by Katie Pifer available at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com



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