Healing as Psychic Attack

Is healing a form of psychic attack?  This is a radical idea!  How can we believe that something as beautiful as sending someone healing energy could be turned into something as nasty as a psychic attack?

Let’s look at healing first. When we think of healing, we think very often of prayers, sending energy, or lighting a candle with a positive intent toward a person, place or thing, (animals included.)  In fact, it has been proven in scientific research that prayers are effective even when someone is not aware that they are being prayed for. Here is one article about the effectiveness of prayer:


When we begin to analyze the process of prayer though, we begin to see where some troubling slips in procedure can be the cause of a problem like a psychic attack.

I teach Reiki; which is a Japanese healing method using life force energy from the universal source.  It is pretty effective and used in many cancer centers to reduce suffering, provide comfort, calm, and relieve stress to patients.  One of the first things taught in the Reiki Method is to ask permission.

When we are asking for prayers for someone, have we considered asking them first?  This is important.  Whenever energy is sent to anyone or anything: people, animals, plant, environments, food, ANY thing, it is important to ask permission.  Without the respect and courtesy of permission, unwanted energy sent to us, is in essence, a psychic attack.

I always ask in my mind first and wait for an answer before I proceed even if I hear a verbal yes before hand.  This is respect and courtesy on an energetic level, not just on the physical plain.  I could be told that it’s, “OK,” to send energy, but when I ask I get a no.  No means No, even in the energetic world.  When working with energy, you are involved in a partnership with that energy and the receiver. This creates energy ties.  I only want to create positive ties for my highest good.  We create plenty of negatives ones a regular basis. I don’t want to be a perpetrator of unwanted energies.

The next thing to look at is what is being prayed for?  I have seen time and time again that people are praying for the improved health of someone, or please send energy to someone for this reason or that reason.  I have been asked recently by several people if I would light a candle for them for a job, a house, a car, healing, etc.  My response to them is always the same; I will light one for your highest good. There is nothing wrong with asking for a better living situation or your car to get fixed. My group of people is not asking for fancy things, basic needs really, but what comes in to question is what is for a person’s highest good.  Who’s to say that the house, car, or whatever you have your heart set on is good for you.  Maybe that house actually has terrible pipes that are about to go out, or termites, or is in a flood plain with a 100-year flood on the horizon. The same is true for any of the things we wish for.  So, I would rather put my energy into sending to a person’s highest good.  Only our higher self and Spirit knows what that is.  I will light a candle for your highest good any day.

In the same breath, I relate this also to healing prayers.  I will not pray or send energy to someone to get well.  I don’t want to focus on saving the baby that is so sick, or your grandma or sister, brother, aunt, etc. or the puppies that were terribly mistreated.  I WILL send all that I can for all of their highest good.  It may their highest good to heal, recover, etc. but it may also be for their highest good to pass into the next life and end their cycle of suffering in this one.  That’s hard for people to understand, but let me give you a scenario:

Your grandmother has lived a good, long life and has suddenly taken ill.  One day she is at the grocery store and the next day she is sick in bed.  Hours later, she is in the hospital and begins declining due to an infection. Within a day she is in intensive care and then they begin discussing hospice care.  All the while, your friends and family, her church, her friends, everyone in your and her lives is praying for her to be well when her body is ready to shut down and her soul ready to move onto the next life.  This is when love and prayers becomes a psychic attack.

If the wishes, prayers, and intentions were sent for her highest good, then they are truly helpful.  However, in our own pain, grief, empathy, or sympathy do we not get caught up in our intentions and ego to will recovery when truly the highest good is to let go and move on peacefully?  I know, we don’t think about these things or think in terms of attacking our loved ones or things we care about; but there can be a level of selfishness in our own desires here.  Not necessarily intentionally, but perhaps they are exactly that, intentional.  So I challenge you to rethink your stance on prayer and focus instead on someone’s highest good rather than assigning them a certain outcome, or car, house, whatever the focus is.  Put all of your energy into that highest vibration.

Another area for consideration is sending energy to heal the earth.  The earth does not need our healing.  She has her own way of dealing with things.  Destruction is part of her evolutionary process.  I just read an article about some new creature that thrives on plastic!  Mother Earth has created herself a plastic eater!  She is amazing and in the truest sense of the word, AWESOME!  What we can focus on is sending energy for the highest good of the people suffering after natural disasters, terrorisms, accidents, or other things that befall us in this modern age.  That is where your focus can be helpful. Pray for highest good of all involved.  It’s a great thing.  It will help.  Science has proven this.  We just need to focus our intentions on the right thing.  After all, we don’t want to attack each other, right?

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer available at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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