Valentine’s Day

  • WitchPetals

    Valentine’s Day for many people is a time for stress or frustration.  It has become a commercialized day full of spending money and meeting the social standards of expression of your love.  For those of us without partners, by choice, by fate, or by fortune it can bring up a variety of emotions.  For me, I love the day for several reasons.  Love has the highest vibration.  It is the greatest thing that we can bring to the world, and a day that forces the nation to focus on love is a fantastic thing.  It is an opportunity to think about the different forms of love.  Here are some that I think about:

    1. The first form that comes to mind is of course, the love of a partner or significant other(s). This is a wonderful thing. Who doesn’t love,LOVE, falling in love, romance, sex, and all of the great things…

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