Ash Wednesday

  • WitchPetals

    Today is Ash Wednesday, millions of Christians; especially Catholics are participating in a day of fasting and penitence.  It is the day after Fat Tuesday, the last hurrah of debauchery since the epiphany. Today is the beginning of the Lent period, forty days of penance before Easter Sunday, and the resurrection of Christ in the Christian faith. Ash Wednesday is observed by both Christian and non- Christians by receiving the mark of the cross on their forehead in holy ash by a Catholic Priest.

    When we look at the spiritual act of this behavior, we see some very powerful spiritual energy work at play.  Ashes are a memorandum to practitioners that God made them of dust, and that to dust they shall return.  It is also a reminder to repent and to believe in the faith of God, as well as a symbol of the grief suffered because of sinning, thereby creating separation…

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