Moon Waters (Essences)

So the moon is full, or Dark, Blood, Blue or in quarters and you want to make a special moon essence to use in your magical workings?  Great!  It’s simple and practical.  Any basic essence begins with the purest form of water you can find, rain, spring, well, bottled if that’s all you have, a clear or crystal vessel, and the object you are going to expose it to, moon, sun, astrological event, etc.  The minimum time you need exposure is three, (3) hours.  There you have your essence or, “activated” water.


Water (spring, rain, well, bottled)

Clear Glass or crystal vessel

3 hours of time in exposure


Water has special properties that other substances don’t have; it picks up programming from things around it.  This includes the vessel it is in, energy or intention that you give it, anything you put into the water or expose it you.  So it is a great material to make energetically charged for your magical workings.  This charged or activated water can be drunk, used to make other things, anoint things on your altar like candles or anything you can think of.

** A word of caution, if you are putting crystals into the actual water and have intentions of drinking it, please make sure the crystals are not toxic.  Many crystals are toxic, such as malachite.  I recommend for best safety practices that you put the crystals just outside of your vessel.  They will have the same infusing effect.**

I have used infused or essence waters for making many magical products.  Think about chalks, facial masks, lotions, hydrosols, drinking it, anointing waters, making teas, or other food related items, pastes for magical works, it is limited only by your own imagination.

Another thing to think about it layers.  Your glass vessel can be surrounded by crystals or placed in a crystal grid that you activate for a certain purpose, layer a circle of family photos if you want to add love, or your favorite pet that has passed alternating with flowers like roses for a grief clearing water.  If you are not going to drink it, think about adding essential oils or other things.

I once made an essence in my third eye crystal singing bowl surrounded by a quartz crystal grid and 1000 year old Hohokam pot shards under the full moon. I added frankincense oil, which opens the third eye.  My formula is amazing for visions and ancient knowledge.  So be creative. Try some experiments.

If you don’t have the item, say a great crystal, you can use a picture of it.  Your intention is that energy.  It will be stronger with the actual item, but I have used photographs many times.  I made an essence call Laughing Grandmothers from the images of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.  The essence is amazing and makes you feel connected and loved.  The point is to try something new.  It’s only water and if you mess it up, it’s ok.  Give it as an offering to your favorite tree; it will love the energy of it no matter what you created, unless it’s poison.  Your tree won’t thank you for that!

A word of advice, if you are adding a lot of extra things to the water, rather than straight water and you have the intention of keeping it for a while you will need a preservative. Traditionally in essences, 20% of alcohol is added, usually Brandy.  However you can use any alcohol, grain alcohol, and vodka, whatever you have.  Also I have used vinegar or glycerin.  If you aren’t sure what 20% is, figure on 1/5th of the container you are using is the preservative.  That’s the easiest way to remember.  If you go over it won’t matter, but if it’s not enough you could grow bacteria or mold and then that will be your essence…

Other things to consider:

  • What moon phase
  • What type of intention
  • What is this moon phase or type of moon best for this magical purpose
  • What time of the day is best for this
  • What is my vessel
  • What can I add
  • What will it do
  • How will I use it
  • Consider emotions, colors, shapes, Gylphs, Symbols, Sigils, etc.

If you are going to store your essence for a long time, then consider using a dark glass container, amber colored are the least expensive, and use a preservative.  Store in a cool dark place, and label it.  Date, time, purpose, type.  Essences generally keep a good 2-5 years or longer.

So enjoy yourself and make some magic water!  Let me know how it turns out!!!!

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