What Color is Your Third Eye?

I was taught by my coven mother, who was a sixth generation traditional hereditary witch that just like our physical eyes, third eyes have color.  Each person has their own color that may not match their physical eyes.  Now, colors can run in families, but not necessarily do.  She taught me that the color of your third eye was a reflection of your strongest  spiritual ability or talent.  The colors list reflects what we know about colors and their qualities.  For example, Blue is often communication, green is healing, which by the way is a form of balancing, (we’ll discuss at another time), violet is intuition or visions, etc.   Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t have other skills or traits, just that you have a dominant one.  So it is interesting to find out your third eye color.  What if the color is a trait you didn’t know that you had.  It is a wonderful opportunity for self discovery and to begin working on building that trait up.  Talents are like muscles, you have to work at them to strengthen them.

How do I find out what color my third eye is?

So this answer has a number of possibilities.  Here’s a list:

  • Meditation
  • Muscle testing
  • Ask guides / spirit helper
  • Dowsing
  • Automatic writing
  • Dreaming with intention


Novice exercise:

In my opinion, one of the fastest ways to discover any information is through the use of a pendulum.  This is how I started out.  It was quick, easy, and fun.  For this exercise, I would make a color chart for my pendulum and set intention to select the color of my third eye.

Just for kicks and giggles, I would make a second chart for my pendulum with traits listed.  There may be traits that I didn’t include and you may find through this discovery process.  With everything else, your spirituality and gifts are unique to you.  I am just expressing to you information that was taught to me.

Here’s a list of colors and their most likely trait. You can use your dowsing tool, pendulum or other to determine both the color and the trait to discover for yourself the color of your third eye.

Red – Fire energy, (spark of life)

Pink – Love, (using love energy)like Guru Amma

Orange – Spell work, creativity

Yellow – Intention, will, focused thought

Golden – Shielding

Green – Healing / balancing of energy

Blue- Communication, (spirit, animals, people)

Aqua – Water energy (DNA coding / healing)

Violet – Intuition / visions

Gray- Gateways connector

White- Air energy, (weather)

Brown – Earth energy, (grounded, stability)

Black – Crone energy, Destruction / rebirth

Rainbow- All traits, Master teacher

Okay, well my third eye color is BLUE.  Obviously, I am a pretty good communicator, ha ha. So for me it was pretty accurate.  It happens to match my actual physical eye color.  However, I know people who have violet or pink third eyes and I have heard of someone with a rainbow third eye. WOW!  Imagine that person on their spiritual journey.  That must be people like Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, or Mother Theresa. I hope that you have fun with this exercise.  It’s just a bit of self discovery fun. Test yourself, your friends, you family and see what you can learn about them and yourself!  It can be quite telling.

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer, avaliable at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

In the slide show I’ve included a blank pendulum chart form so you can create your own.  It’s very basic.  Simple is great.  Fancy doesn’t work any better. Good Luck!

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3 thoughts on “What Color is Your Third Eye?

  1. I have never really given this a thought. I will have to do the exercise, just ease my curiosity. I do have a question though; when we are speaking of third eye color in the way you described, are you (for clarification) speaking of the third-eye personified as an additional physical eye? I also wonder if you have any insight on colors seen when the physical eyes are closed, when there is no physical light to speak of? Do you think that these two ideas may be related?

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  2. Jason, most people don’t think about their third eye as a color, but it is a type of energetic organ and it is connected to the Pineal gland. We are learning more and more, or rather, science is proving more and more that the subtle body or auric field is a real thing that does have colors. Just as colors are associated with the various Chakras, indigo most often associated with the third eye Chakra, your personal actual third eye has a color connected with it. This color is a representation more of the vibrational frequency that your dominant talent operates on that an eyeball glued to your forehead. This frequency will change in lifetime after lifetime as you create new contracts and agreements for each life goal. In terms of no light when your eyes are closed, there is in fact light. The Pineal gland does have its own light so to speak, it has a crystalline energy structure that eminates outward, creating an exchange or flow of light energy. Many illnesses, such as seasonal affect disorder often have spiritual or energetic sources related to a calcification of these crystalline structures preventing the inner light from shining out. Additionally, there is the light from the outside world that shines through the eyelids that often gives a rose or reddish hue. In either case, in a healthy individual, there is an energy flow in the form of light from both an inner source as well as an outer source. I hope this helps with your question! Good luck! Let us know what you discover!

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