Jin Shin Jutsu: a Relaxation Technique

Relaxation Technique

Okay, so here is a quick and easy relaxation technique that I use with a lot of my clients with developmental disabilities because it is easy to remember, but really it is part of a very old martial arts technique called, “Jin Shin Jutsu.” It’s perfect for anyone to use. All you need is your hands.  I like that because you don’t need to remember to bring a tool, calming spray, or whatever.  Just yourself and it can be done anywhere.

Ground yourself.  Drop a grounding cord into the center of the earth and lock it into place.  Take a deep breath.

Starting with the thumb, (either one, doesn’t matter; I usually start left, but you can do whatever you are comfortable with,) wrap the fingers of your other hand around your thumb, holding gentle but completely encircling the finger and focus on releasing your worry. Do not think about your issue, focus on only releasing worry. Hold the thumb until you feel a release.  A release can feel like a shudder, the need to take a deep breath, yawn, your body relaxing, or a shift in your energy.

Switch to your index finger after the release of worry energy.  Now gently encircle that finger, this time focusing on letting go of fear. Stay in the hold, breathing deeply, even try closing your eyes, focusing on allowing fear to slip from your body until you feel the shift.

Next, move to the middle finger, again focusing not on your issue, but letting anger release from your being while you gently encircle your middle digit with your other hand. Breathe, shift, release.  Move to the next finger.

The fourth finger is your ring finger.  As you hold this one, allow grief and sadness to drain out of you. Continue to hold until you once again feel the shift of energy.  Take a deep breath and move to the next finger.

The last finger, your “Pinky”, or little finger, I call the Yoda finger, “do not try, do.”  This finger releases the emotion of pretense or trying to be something.  It is obsessing, perfectionism, pretending to be what you cannot be or are not.  Hold gently, letting go of these emotions and breathe deeply, allowing for the energy to shift.

Now that you have completed your entire hand, you are going to nourish yourself by giving energy back. Focus on allowing positive energy to nourish and heal you.  Place your thumb of the opposite hand you are working on on the back of your palm and three fingers of that same hand in your palm.  Give energy until you feel complete. Breathe deeply.

Now switch your thumb and three fingers so that the thumb is in the palm and the fingers are on the back. Again nourish and breathe.

You are probably feeling pretty good by now, but it is important that you repeat this exercise with your other hand.  Always focus on working in balance with your body.

Switch hands and repeat.  Each of the ten fingers and two hands, (palm and back) should be “released” by the end of exercise.

Your left side is your feminine side, that is used to receiving.  Your right side is your masculine side, and is the action side.  Both sides must be cleared together to create true balance and harmony in the body.

The entire exercise takes about 10-30.

As you hold each finger or thumb, visualize the emotions leaving the body and going into the ground to be neutralized.   This teaches body awareness and self soothing regardless of the situation or issue. The idea is that you don’t focus on the issue, thereby perseverating on the thing bothering you, rather, focus on the emotion and the sensation of the release. You are teaching your muscles and body to become familiar with the feelings of energy within in.  The more you do it, the fast it will become as your body will remember to release and shift.

Here are the fingers and their corresponding meanings, organs, elements, and sense:


The Thumb: Release Worry. (Spleen, Stomach) Earth, Touch.

Pointer finger: Release Fear. (Bladder, Kidneys) Water, Hearing, Taste

Middle finger:  Release Anger. (Liver, Gallbladder) Wood, Speech, Sight

Ring finger: Release Grief, sadness. (Large Intestine, Lungs) Air, Sight

Pinky finger:  Release “Trying to” this is perfectionism or obsessions, pretense. (Heart, Small Intestines) Fire, Smell


2016 copyright by Katie Pifer. Available at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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6 thoughts on “Jin Shin Jutsu: a Relaxation Technique

    • I’m so happy this connected with you. This is great even in the car in the parking lot if you just need to get out of an environment for a minute or two. It is really effective. Keep working it. Peace to you. Let me know how it goes! 🙂


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      • Just wanted to say you play beautifully (: and hope you do more songs!!LOVE the piano and I can feel that your feeling the music not just playing it,well done!! Your amazing keep it upp!!SaraEllAlleexx (:


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