The Bear Dreams

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How many of you have the bear dream?  Terrifying….

I have the bear dream periodically, always a mother grizzly with two cubs.  It is the most horrifying dream I ever experience. I am always trapped, and so scared.  She corners me, but never hurts me.  Somewhere are her cubs, always two of them.  I am able to play with them or be with them, but she is never far away.  Usually for me, there is also a wolf, who I know to be a teacher. I additionally have a dog with me.  I have a lot of dog energy and I know that this is also a guide.

The Bear is always introspection for me.  Having to go inward into the cave of the self, hibernate while contemplating the issues surrounding myself.

The first dream was in a forest I knew to be on a trail on the mountain that I live currently at the base.  At the time, I lived on the other side of town, but the mountain is popular with locals as well as tourists. There’s a trail and I can see the cubs, and a dog. On the trail suddenly was a baker with pink confections.  He was a fat little man, with a white apron and a white bakers hat.  The next scene, the mother grizzly is eating the entrails of the baker and she sits up and has the entrails in a long rope between her paws.  I awoke in a pool of sweat with my heart racing.

Another dream was in a house, my old house that I lived in for 20 years here in Tucson. Except, it wasn’t my house, I mean, it didn’t look like my house.  However, energetically, it felt like my house.  Perhaps it was the old symbolism for the self. Suddenly, I was trapped in the rooms, there was an upstairs as well.  It became a mad race to get from room to room, slamming doors behind me only to have the grizzly shred them with her mighty paw.  In one of the rooms with me, the last one, was her cubs and a dog.  She bellowed, roaring with spittle in my face… Again, I awoke with sweat and heart palpatations.

A third one was in my childhood home in New Jersey.  I am standing outside in my front yard, just below the big porch and I am putting yogurt on my bare feet. The iron here is not lost on me. The cubs are there and so is a dog.  The scene shifts to a neighbor’s house and again I am going from room to room, trapped as the bear destroys doors to get me.  I have additional dogs with me and the wolf. I awake, terrified.

Another dream is on the main street of my home town. I am between  First and Second Avenues.  I see a bar and a big empty lot next to it.  Digging around in some garbage cans are the cubs and a huge stuffed bear, yellow I think.  There is a dog.  I am walking on the side walk past the lot with a large dog on one side escorting me and the wolf on the other side.  Suddenly, the Grizzly comes out of no where charging me.  I cross the street, she does not follow… I awake wet.

The last dream I had was about a year ago, maybe longer, I was walking on the river path by my old house in Tucson.  I cross over a bridge with a dog and suddenly the paved walkway becomes muddy ground, unpaved, so I turn around.  As I turn around, there is snow on the ground, just maybe a half of an inch and I notice that the footsteps that were mine and my dog’s, now also have a wolf with them and then suddenly bear prints.  Out from my left side, the bear comes charging. A shift occurs, all at once there is a deer in front of me and the bear tries to grab the deer, but I am able to push the deer off the path and the dog and the wolf protect me.  I can see the cubs in the dry riverbed.  I realize, I am also a deer and my left flank has been torn open by the bear, but I am safe.  I awake terrified and my  left leg is lame for three days.

In each of the dreams I knew them to be huge shifts for me; lessons that I was experiencing.  Some of them had pieces that made a lot of sense to me and others did not.  I know that for me the bear is guiding me, challenging me to look inward at my fears, and face them. The wolf is my teacher also, another time I’ll talk about wold dreams.  The dog is ever present, a personal guide, part of my pack.  I was born both in the Chinese year of the Wood Dog as well as the Mayan year of the Lunar Dog.

The Bear pushes me, forces me to do the inner work it takes to shift spiritually.  I know that I am also her cub.  I am always faced with major decisions when the bear dreams come.  I always awake terrified but with such clarity. I am able to make change more easily and it seems problems that were blocks or obstacles just fall away.

I was fortunate enough once to be given a totem with some things on it including some bear fur.  I was uncomfortable with the fur and was prompted through intuition to release it to the fire.  I set up a drum circle one full moon and returned the fur to the fire, sending it’s energy home.  I was rushed with the energy of Grandmother Bear, the moment the fur hit the fire, thanking me for honoring the Spirit of Bear.

So these are my bear dreams.  Do you dream of bear?  What does she say to you?

Here is some information on Bear Medicine:

MEANING: Introspection, Intuition, Dreaming


Bear People are learning to withdrawal into the sanctity of their den when outside influences turn “cold” and seemingly “merciless.” Winter is not just a change in season, it is a period of slowing down and can be a time of decline, adversity and dreariness. As Bear retreats into her den for hibernation; which is also the womb of Mother Earth, so must you retreat within to seek wisdom through stillness and meditation. Bear also reflects Love and the feminine aspect in the way they care for their cubs, so must you take care of yourself.

Stillness and meditation is your hibernation.

When Bear Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to reconnect through introspection, intuition and dreams. Bear is a powerful animal with a large body and forceful limbs. Bear is capable of standing on her hind legs to show her power. Bear people are reminded of their own power of self-sufficiency; in that, they have the necessary resources to help themselves and stand on their own two feet. Great Spirit (UNEQUA) gave you power, Love and a sound mind and Bear is a reminder to use this power and the soundness of your own mind (intuition). In the stillness of the mind; intuition is awakened. Sometimes this intuition is awakened through dreams.

The nature of bear is associated with dreaming because of their long deep sleep. When Bear sleeps, she is connecting with Great Spirit (UNEQUA) during hibernation; so must you connect during your deep sleep. Bear people are considered “dreamers” due to their ability to tap into their intuition during the meditative process, thereby visualizing and manifesting newness. Bear reminds you not to cast your dreams aside, but to pay attention to them.


Bear’s message is about seeking your wisdom through human hibernation, which is meditation, introspection and dreams. This is where you will receive your sealed instruction.

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