Protection Tunnel

Whirling tunnel 1

I want to continue talking about various ways of creating spiritual or energetic protection. It is important to focus on having good protection and a strong plan of action for safety in your daily spiritual life; it is equivalent to having a good immune system. This next exercise is one that was taught to me very early on in y path.  It was a great way to really step out when things were getting rough, or I needed to build up my defenses and just cleanse myself.  I call this exercise, “the Realm of Protection.”

Ground yourself. Drop a grounding cord and lock it into place, in the center of the earth. Smudge yourself if you want an added layer.

Get comfortable.

Visualize  a tunnel of bright white or golden light.

Surround this light with Aqua light.

(If you are inclined, you can say an incantation of protection at this time.)

As you are visualizing this tunnel, begin to create a perfect world for yourself at the opposite end. This world can look like anything, a water world, an earth world, an alien planet, it doesn’t matter, it’s yours and yours alone.  It will be your safe haven.

Slowly add detail after detail, enhancing this world, making it more real, more alive. Make sure that you also visualize your self in this world and what you will look like.  Do you change forms? What new abilities do you have or do you need? Make it rich and full of great details.

When you feel that you are under psychic attack and there is not other avail, you can simply go to this place. While you are there you can use the time to strengthen your egg shell, repair it, improve your basket weave of energy, or other things you need to do to help your spiritual / energetic self.

Okay, so your world is complete.  When you feel the need to use it, you visualize yourself walking through this tunnel you created. It’s like a worm hole.  Begin spinning the tunnel counterclockwise, so the aqua and white/gold light mingle.  As it is spinning and you are walking through this tunnel, visualize all that is attached to you is being swept away, cleansing you.  It is creating a protective spin that only you can walk through safely, your new world awaits you on the other side where you can heal and repair.

When you want to return home, simply walk through the tunnel again, using the same rotational spin and come back to this astral plane.

That’s it.  Simple but very effective.

For additional elements you can add other things in your tunnel like smudge smoke or oils, but really it isn’t all that necessary.  What is important though, is that you tell no one what your world looks like.  That is your safe place, your panic room if you will. Everyone’s will be unique.  If you give enough information, your energy can be followed and your world will be compromised.  Self preservation is key here.  So try it out and let me know how it works for you!  Best wishes.

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