What Are Flower Essences?

What are Essences?  

      Essences are the auric imprint, life force, or energy imprint of a particular flower, tree, gem, crystal, or mineral.  It is also the vibrational energy of colors, elements, numbers, symbols, or even other images. By tapping into these energies, we are able to provide a naturally gentle way to help to release embedded and old patterns of behaviors, beliefs, and emotional thinking cycles that no longer serving our highest good. Through tapping into nature’s gifts to us, we are able to heal our body’s subtle systems and gently accept these gifts and the opportunity to bring harmony and balance to body, mind, and spirit.

While the use of essences and nature’s bounty to assist in the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit seems like the newest thing; it is in no way a new endeavor.  Tapping into the subtle energies and vibrations of the planet are an ancient practice that has been slipping through our grasp.  By using essences, we are recalling old sacred practices of communion with nature and the world around us, bringing us back into harmony and balance with our environments as well as ourselves.

Essences’ energetic imprints are generally suspended in filtered or spring water and preserved in 20% Brandy alcohol, bu t glycerine, or vinegar can be used as alternatives.  The shelf life of essences are around 2-5 years.  Although many companies have much longer shelf life expectancies, it is my belief that for quality control and potency,  that I only recommend the 2-5 year span.  They are non-aromatic. Although some essence blends have essential oils added to them.

Essences are gentle.  There are no side effects, no contraindications and no negative areas of concern with the use of essences.  If you select the wrong essence it simply will not have an effect on you.  However, it is energy work, and it can feel overwhelming at times as your submerged issues begin to rise to the surface.  Simply by adjusting how often or how many essences you take at one time can help alleviate any unwanted symptoms.  It is always recommended when using essences that you have a therapist, life coach, or other professional to help you process and talk to about these issues as they arise.

2012 copyright by Katie Pifer, available at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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