Katie the High Diving Horse

Six weeks after the death of my grandparents

I dove headfirst into the ocean of marriage,

like a sideshow high diving horse,

fearless, wild-eyed off a steel pier at the shore.


It was a carnival act;

I had married the strong man.

It turned out he was the clown.


There I was on the edge,

gawking at the depths below me,

unknown seas surrounding my performance.


I closed my eyes and launched,

flying, soaring momentarily.

Leap of faith,

in God,

in myself,

and poorly placed in him.


But gravity always has its influence,

and I began plummeting.

I wasn’t just any horse,

I was a well trained performer,

circus show,

and I knew how

to do more than just tread water.

I knew how to swim.


The day I signed my divorce papers,

I knew I had made it to the shore.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer, available at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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