Triple Goddess

In the early hours

I rise,

budding crown upon my maiden head.

The day still,

a metaphor yet unfurling.

Spring aroma about my skin,

my steps, soft bounds,

progressions in time.


At midday,

I am in full bloom.

Flowers robust in my hair,

upon my gown.

I am mother to all I touch.

Heady perfume

of a rich garden surrounds me.

Petals fall to my feet

as my pace quickens.


It is the eve,

night harkens,

the bare bough of Crone

alights my brow.

I am calm, peaceful.

Trusting in my knowledge,

I release fear,

sage smoke protecting.

I smooth my starry gown

with my wrinkled hand,

waiting to be guided

home again.

2015 copyright by Katie Pifer, available at


triple goddess



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