The Magic of Laughter

Laughter as the Best Medicine: laugh Therapy

I was taught by my coven mother that, “Sincere laughter is the best way to dispel negative energy.”

This is true.  The vibrational energy of happy sounds and the energy we exude when laughing is more powerful than most things.  Think of all of the times when life becomes so hard and we want to cry, but we end up laughing instead.  The shift of that energy is powerful and holds a special magic.  My family has had more than its fair share of sorrows; however one of our greatest strengths is our ability to laugh at ourselves and our situations.

My mother has schizophrenia.  It has been a lifetime of horrible ordeals until we found the right medication which stabilized her.  Unfortunately, before that happened we experienced a house fire which resulted in her spending time in jail, but not before she went on a mad spending spree buying new furniture for this burnt up house.  When I went to the state hospital for the “criminally insane,” to visit her, the furniture in the waiting room was the exact furniture that she had bought on the spree.  It has been twenty years since that incident and we still laugh about it.  In fact, we laughed about it today.  It is this laughter that helps me, and my family to build strength and triumph through adversity.  It is in itself a protection and a path to wellness.  She is Christian and I, a witch, yet we find common ground in recognizing the play of Spirit in our lives.  It bonds us together, strengthening, healing, and teaching us our own magic.

There are many paths to using laughter through out various cultures.  I took a class on Curandismo through the University of New Mexico last year.  The lecturer, Dr. Cheo had some wonderful YouTube links with exercises to laughter therapy.

Curandismo YouTube link:

Dr. Cheo at the University of New Mexico


Here are some additional links for other laughter therapies:

Laughter Therapy


Vivek’s laughter Therapy

I hope that you enjoyed these and learned some techniques to help you lighten up and LAUGH!

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