Smudging the Self

Smudge is herbs, usually rolled, dried and bound to create a stick, that is burned.  The smoke is used to “wash” the body, cleansing it from any unwanted energies or entities.

This procedure was shared with me by a Cherokee friend, Bird Clan.  I was given permission to share it with you.  She taught me that there are seven directions, the four cardinal directions, East, North, West, South, as well as Above, Below and Within.  Here is her way of cleansing and protecting.

Using any kind of sage, get it smoking well.

Wash hands in smoke seven times.

Wash your face seven times by cupping the smoke in your hands and bringing it up to your face.

Bring the cupped smoke over your head, rubbing it in your hair seven times.

Raising your hands up like a tree, palms down, one time use the smoke to “wash” under both of your arms.

Use the smoke to bring to your heart with your hands crossed, (Within direction), one time.

With a feather as a fan, use smudge to clear the energy on each side of you seven times.


Face East. Eagle. Fire. Spring. (also red)

Take feather, fan smoke, visualize YELLOW, think of fire, power, dawn, the place of all things beginning.

Then always working counterclockwise, leading with the heart, go LEFT. Turn.


Face North. Bear. Wind. Winter. ( also, blue)

Visualize WHITE, fan smoke, place of learning from ancestors and of rest, and calm.


Face West. Buffalo. Water. Fall.

Visualize BLACK, fan smoke. Envision all time, asking the Watchers for all that I need, strength, healing, protection.   Where we go when we cross over, learning to be with ancestors.


Face South. Wolf. Earth. Summer. (also, white)

Visualize RED, fan smoke.  This is the natural environment, weather elements.


Return to East. Go up, visualize BLUE, above, your higher power, ask  what you would from your higher self. Visualize honey, (as an energy field), sweet protection coming down over you, wrapping and comforting you.

BELOW, smudge under your feet. Visualize GREEN

Again to your Heart, visualize PURPLE, this is your HERE / NOW/ SELF, WITHIN.

In this way you have honored all and been blessed with a cleansing and protection.


2016 copyright by Katie Pifer, available at

medicine wheel






6 thoughts on “Smudging the Self

  1. Thank you Autumn. I thought is was a beautiful ceremony. It also reminds me of women’s blessings done on Shabbat in the Jewish Faith.


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  3. Thank you for your comment, actually the photographs are not mine, but rather form the internet. It was hard to find photos of what I wanted. I personally never photograph my own tools or ceremonies for protection reasons.


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