Protection- Space Intermediate Exercise

Previously in my intermediate post about protecting the body, I discussed using a blue, electric basket weave of energy and an egg shape.  Now, I am challenging you to build on this in a similar way.  This time use it for an environment, but with some changes.

Here’s the link to the previous exercise:

Ground yourself. Drop a grounding cord from the center of your body into the center of the earth, lock it into place. Cleanse yourself with smudge, a oil hydrosol or any other means you have of doing so, Reiki or other symbols, etc.

Visualize an electric blue cord coming from your solar plexus.  Draw this out and beginning in the EAST of your property line, use a straight basket weave to begin to create a wall, a barrier of protection.  As you are doing this, you can add other elements to boost this structure.  Think about  smudge herbs, crystal or stones and their energetic properties, oils, or call in your guides to lend energy and protect as well as you build continue to weave coming in slightly the higher you go so that when all four sides come together you can bend them in and weave together creating a closed structure.

Next turn to the NORTH, always leading with your heart to the left and repeat what you did in the EAST.

Turn WEST and repeat.

Turn SOUTH and repeat.

Turn now back to the EAST and begin connecting the edges of the South wall to the East wall seamlessly all the way to the top.

Connect the East seam with the North seam, the North seam with the West seam, and the West seam with the South seam.

Review your energetic structure.  Weave any holes in the structure.  It should be attached at the ground in all directions, even using energy to stitch it in place if you will.

It should be sealed all the way top and sides and attached to the ground.  This is protection for your entire property.  Use golden light to cleanse the energy inside periodically.  As with anything else, this will take a minute to build and maintain, but once you practice this for a bit, it will be an automatic protection.  You must check this regularly for holes and reseal the weave.

There are many ways to protect your space; this is just one of them.

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