Kinnikinnick is basically a herbal blend.  It is also a low laying ground plant, (Bearberry), used by Native Americans.  Here are a couple of official definitions.

Kinnikinnick is a Native American smoking mixture. It is made from a traditional combination of leaves or barks that have medicinal and spiritual qualities.

The term “kinnikinnick” derives from the Unami Delaware /kələkːəˈnikːan/, “mixture” (c.f. Ojibwe giniginige “to mix something animate with something inanimate“), from Proto-Algonquian *kereken-, “mix (it) with something different by hand”.

I live in the Southwest and as such tend to have a lot of Native American influences in my life.  There are many different blends.  Every tribe may have their own, or even many individual ones. This recipe was shared with me by a friend of mine who has given me permission to share it again.  This is a Mohawk recipe.

Mix in equal parts:

Tobacco             Cedar                 White Birch

Sweet Grass       Lavender          Sage

Sandalwood        Oak                   Pine Needles

Basil                    Oregano              Mint


Make this blend and burn in fire or over coals.  Use Hawk feathers to fan smoke and enhance protection.  (Now, I realize that Hawk feathers are illegal in most places. However, this is how it was told to me and I pass it on in full.)

Think about using tools such as feathers in your ceremonies and rituals.  They are only tools.  The energy and magic comes from your intent.  You could just as easily wave a piece of paper with the word hawk or the image of a hawk to direct the smoke and pull the same energy.  if you take the time to imbue those properties in the paper before hand.  Also if you are set on using feathers, there are many other birds that have protective qualities.  Ponder what calls to you.  Many use turkey feather.  Turkey is also a great bird and has roots deep within both Native American and early Colonial American history.  Do your research.  Use what calls to you.

**Please watch for allergies, consult medical advice for any medical issues or reactions**

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