Spiritual Names

In the Pagan community it is very popular to take on and share a spiritual name.  I guess it can be likened with a Baptismal or Confirmation name in the Christian faith.  This is a name other than your birth name that then the congregation will know you by.  This is a common practice in many cultures once an initiation rite has taken place.  It marks your rebirth into a new station and as such, you are bestowed with another moniker befitting that position in the church, tribe, clan, or other group in which you were an initiate.

However, there is another name that belongs to you, and that is your spiritual name.  This is the true name of your soul; your truest essence.  This is the name that is your marker of energy that is carried from life time to lifetime.  This is sacred.  This how God, Spirits, or whatever your belief is truly knows you.  For some, this name is known to you, Spirit has told you in some form or another.  The name may be in another language or a symbol like the musician Prince took on.  The point is, is that it’s unique only to you.  Others may not know what it is yet.  In some cases, someone else has told you the name, channeled it, or divined it.

This is the name that you must never share with anyone, ever.  Many pagans, I am using this term in the broadest of senses, like to share their spiritual names.  This is a huge mistake.  If you have a name that the spiritual world knows you by, keep it to yourself.  That is between you and Spirit.  If that name is known, you can be controlled with it.  There are many people out there working for not so good purposes and would be thrilled to have your spirit under their control to do their bidding.  A soul or your personal energy can be called to do things.  Just like you don’t get into a van with strangers, don’t give out your name.  If you want to use another name than your birth name, great, make up another one, like Tiger, Raven, Wolfie, or whatever floats your boat, but keep the sacred name of your soul to yourself.

If you have told your name to another, it is best to be bound in contract with consequence of use to that person.  This prevents each person from abusing the power.  If there is abuse, Karmic consequences that come with clever binds will do their job.

So, you don’t know what you name is?  How are you going to figure it out?   I have some suggestions:

  • Automatic writing is a good way to let go and allow spirit to speak to you, especially if your name is a symbol rather than letters or letters that are in another language.
  • Pendulum dowsing using a letter board to spell out the name.
  • Meditation
  • For seers, crystal ball gazing, fire scrying, black mirror scrying, or any other type may reveal an image of the name or symbol. Write it down fast!
  • Dream preparations. Set your intent to speak with your guides during the dream time.

These are a few off of the top of my head. Try multiple methods; see if your answer varies.  It is my experience that once you hear it or know it; it will resonate with your true being.  When I discovered mine, my entire body broke out in goose bumps!  I knew it was truth.  Also, my name seems to fit what my abilities are and what my purpose is.  For that matter, the more I learn and think about my birth name as well, I discover that it is the perfect name for me in this lifetime.  So try it out.  See what you come up with.  Discover yourself!

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer, available at http://www.witchpetals.wordpress.com

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