Intro- Protection of Spaces

What does it mean to protect your space or environment?

In easiest terms, we are talking about creating spiritual barriers to unwanted energies or psychic attack.  These energies could be human or of some other source, but none-the-less, it is about setting boundaries or wards.  Wards are magical settings or boundaries that you create as protective devices. That is a basic definition, but for now it will do.  There are very simple ways, and also there are very complex things you can do.  We are going to start with the beginning.  Protecting the body has been discussed in several other posts, and have similar skills set to protecting your space.  Here are some links to connect you:

Intro to protecting the body:


Protective substances:

In the above posts I discussed protections like smudging, salt, and using other substances like cornmeal, ash, graveyard dirt, or red brick dust.  You can try washing your door step with peppermint oil and salt wash and then laying a line of red brick dust at the edge to keep unwanted energies or guest out of your home.  When doing certain ceremonies in the out doors, I have often set a circle with smudge and a line mixed with salt, cornmeal, and ceremonial ash. These are just two exercises that will provide you with a novice foundation.  Here is a list of simple ways of setting protection of your home, office or car.

  1. Smudge: I smudge both home and car with a variety of things including sage and Palo Santo.  It cleanses and dissipates any unwanted things.
  1. Salt: salt circles, salt sprays, lines of salt, salt scrubs all ways to absorb negative energy and creative protective barriers.
  1. Oils: making hydrosol, smudging with oils on coals, oils in amulets in diffusers for car or home, all have protective properties. Generally, if a plant is great for smudging, the oil is also great.
  1. Crystals: Try creating a crystal grid in your home or a single room.  I’ve planted a garden with a crystal grid so that any magical plants inside are also free from negative energy.  Carrying crystals singularly or in pouches is another great way.
  1. Protective talismans, charms, or amulets: This is an entire week’s topic all by itself, but you can create your own protective device to carry with you, have in your car or hang in your home.
  1. Symbols, Signs, and Sigils: There are a variety of things that fall in this category from runes, Reiki symbols, various protective sigils through the ages, to inventing your own.
  1. Guides, Gods/Goddesses, Spirits, and Creatures: You can enlist the help of whoever is helping you on your path. Petition to them in whatever way you are comfortable and ask for help.  I often work with Hecate; one of her symbols is a key.  I often make a talisman of sorts with a key somewhere in it and ask that she blesses it and protects what I have intended the talisman for.  I always have a protective talisman on my dog’s collar as well.  Sometimes a psychic attack can be aimed at your pet to get at you.

I am sure that there are others, but this is a good place to stop.  The idea is that you really want to create a layered protective plan for your home, car, or even your office space.


Novice challenge:

Ok, the challenge for you is to create a protective plan for your space that is multifaceted, layer as many of these things into your plan.  Tell us what it looks like without sharing too many details.  After all, part of a good protective plan is that you don’t tell people how you are protected.

**Spiritual Names**

One other thing, I want to mention this, many pagans, using this in the broadest of terms, like to share their spiritual names.  This is a huge mistake.  If you have a name that the spiritual world knows you by, keep it to yourself.  That is between you and Spirit.  If that name is known, you can be controlled with it.  There are many people out there working for not so good purposes and would be thrilled to have your spirit under their control to do their bidding.  A soul or your personal energy can be called to do things.  Just like you don’t get into a van with strangers, don’t give out your name.  If you want to use another name than your birth name, great, make up another one, like Tiger, Raven, Wolfie, or whatever floats your boat, but keep the sacred name of your soul to yourself.

Ok, so work on your plan.  Start layering; think about the elements, the directions, the spirits, your path, items, objects, and energy. Think about it all; see what works for you and what doesn’t.

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