Grounding Candle

There are times in my life when I feel off center, overwhelmed or overflowing with emotions that I cannot seem to contain.  These outcries of energy could be positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, it is enough to say that they are not allowing me to ground and find my balance.  Over the years in my craft and as a therapist I have developed many techniques to help deal with this, both for myself as well as clients.  Here’s a simple one that I find quite effective:

Get a new candle; I use a scented one for this purpose, either bought scented, or one that I anoint with essential oils.

Ground yourself by dropping a grounding cord into the center of the earth and locking it in.

I focus all of my attention on the candle. I put a small nick at the top or bottom of the candle to indicate my starting point.

I draw my finger from the bottom of the candle to the wick at the top, sending the intention of releasing my “extra” feelings in the touch.  With each stroke, I take a deep breath at the beginning, releasing my breath slowly with the focused intention on the candle.

I do this over and over again, each time slightly turning the candle so that the point of focus is always directly in front of me and with a breath release of intention.

I may use anointing oil to draw these lines or simple use a dry finger, depending on mood and accessibility of oils. When I have done this enough times to have turned the candle back to the starting point, I take a deep breath for the final time to set the entire release in motion.

If ever you feel light headed during this, just take a few moments to breathe normally.  Very often we are not used to breathing deeply and the huge intake of oxygen can flood the mind and body.

Once my candle is completed, I light it allowing the candle and all of my energy to feed the flame, sending my excess to the flame and into the universe to be transmuted into a form that is useable in a different way.

I like to smell it, the scent of the candle reminds me of the work I’ve done and creates for me a soothing feeling. It adds to my grounding process.

Some variations on this exercise could be to use colored candles, carve sigils or other symbols, designs, etc. into the candles, add herbs, roll in salt and burn, the list is only limited by your imagination.

Do you have other ideas on how to improve this exercise?  Let’s hear them!

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4 thoughts on “Grounding Candle

  1. I find that focusing past the flame in contemplation while the aroma fills the room and takes my excess off into the air adds a layer of relaxation. I like adding essential oils to floating candles in a container of water, this allows the candle itself to move freely on the surface and for me represents the release of excess emotional baggage buried deep in my emotional center.

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  2. I like that idea of floating candles. I hadn’t thought of that before. Water and fire, add some sand to the bottom and you can earth as well, the smoke, air…the unification of all elements…so powerful!


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