Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for many people is a time for stress or frustration.  It has become a commercialized day full of spending money and meeting the social standards of expression of your love.  For those of us without partners, by choice, by fate, or by fortune it can bring up a variety of emotions.  For me, I love the day for several reasons.  Love has the highest vibration.  It is the greatest thing that we can bring to the world, and a day that forces the nation to focus on love is a fantastic thing.  It is an opportunity to think about the different forms of love.  Here are some that I think about:

  1. The first form that comes to mind is of course, the love of a partner or significant other(s). This is a wonderful thing. Who doesn’t love,LOVE, falling in love, romance, sex, and all of the great things that come with a good relationship?
  1. Secondly, there is the love of a family member. Our families are our most significant relationships.  They are our longest relationships, for most of us anyway. They shape us from birth until death. It’s wonderful to receive a valentine from your child or give one to your parent or sibling.
  1. Third, the love of your friends, in my case, I call them my family of choice. They are there in good times and when you are in trouble.  What a wonderful opportunity to share some chocolate, wine, and laughter when nothing else fills your love tank! Now this can also include acquaintances such as your teacher or mail man. Showing them that they are appreciated in your life is just another opportunity to help spread the love vibration in your community.
  1. Fourth, the love of your pets. I love my dog with all my heart.  She is my heart.  Her love is unconditional, endless and constant.  Who else can I share a carob heart with and great snuggle on the couch?
  1. Fifth, is the love of a higher power, God, Goddess, who ever or what ever you hold in such position. If you are atheist, then skip it, but for me this holds its own special power and it is tied deeply to my faith in Spirit and my life path.  It holds me up when I find myself fallen and it allows me the freedom and confidence to risk and take chances to reach my goals in life.  It is fulfilling and helps me to feel connected.  I am never alone or lonely.
  1. This last one is perhaps the most difficult for most of us, and that is self love. Now, I urge you to make this one the priority.  Love your own being.  Honor yourself before all others. Only with self love can you truly love anyone else. Belief in deserving that you deserve love is very often the one thing that creates the largest obstacle to accepting love.

In college I studied, La Princesse De Cleves by Madame de La Fayette in which she discussed the different types of love. The Greeks had also divided love into various types. Love has inspired study, psychology, the arts in their various forms. “Love is all you need,” as the Beatles have taught us.  So, this day, regardless of your situation, open your heart as fully as you possibly can. Allow the vibrations of the day to wash over you, fill you, circulate in and out, and let’s raise the vibrations of the earth.  Then tomorrow, go buy all the chocolate you can for the year.  That shit is half price! LOL

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