Body Protection- Intermediate Exercise

So for this exercise, I want you to ground yourself, drop a grounding cord in the center of the earth, lock it into place.

Get comfortable; visualize using an electric blue electrical cord like a piece of lightning and starting from beneath your feet.

Begin weaving this blue electrical cord in a spiral under your feet.  Think of Native American basket weaves if that helps.

Continue in a spiral rotation, weaving and interlocking this electric blue lightning cord.

You are going to create an egg shape all the way around you, fully encompassing you in this spiral, woven, electric blue cording.

You now have a very powerful woven protection shield in addition to your regular had egg shell.

This new type of protection does not interfere with your grounding cord. It may take you several tries to do it well.  That’s okay.  You are building up your spiritual muscles so to speak.

You can set your intent as you create this vision to include other energies, perhaps energy from your protective guides, or smudge smoke, sigils, or other elements.  Remember, the creation is yours.

As a word of caution, I personally wouldn’t share the full details of your protection with anyone.  Why give someone an “in” to your personal energy?

2016 copyright by Katie Pifer, available at


3 thoughts on “Body Protection- Intermediate Exercise

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