The Color Blue As Protection

The color of blue in its various shades has very powerful protective qualities.  I think it’s the vibrational frequency of it.  It’s very difficult to find research that provides a clear reason for it. Blue is cooling and soothing, it represents the color of water.  It is the color that we see the sky, a protective layer around the planet, and in many cultures it is the color most used in protection. You can find many shades of blue used as protection, from the lightest blues, to turquoise, to cobalt.  Blue is power.

For many millennia, blue has been used as the color to ward off the evil eye.  It is the predominant color of the eyes used in the center of Hamsas and other talismans against the evil eye and curses.  Light blue or “Haint Blue,” is the color used in the southern United States to paint porch roofs, to ward off spirits;  “Haints,” being the term for restless spirits in Southern slang.  In the southwest, light blue is traditionally used around window frames and doorways as protection from evil entering the home.  Blue is used in most Middle Eastern countries against evil, it is used in Greece, and Morocco.  Historically, it can be found as a powerful protection color for many spiritual issues.

Blue is the color of the throat chakra.  It is for communication among other things.  It is one of the primary colors that cannot be made.  Turquoise, a hue of blue, is a very protective stone used for both healing as well as guard against unwanted energies.  Blue also opens energy flow where it is blocked.

Interestingly, the color of the Morton’s salt container is in blue.  Is this a subconscious connection between salt and protection?

Blue is also the color that most often represents the mother, Mary. Envision her with the blue mantle about her head and shoulders.  This is also a protective image to so many.

In my own experience, an artist friend of mine channeled a healing painting that he did, which cured him of cancer.  The painting is abstract, a black background, with electrifying blue as the central image.  He said that he was moved, almost possessed to paint it. It’s quite an amazing work of art.  Every time I see it, I am drawn to its power and its beauty.

Blue is the color of lightning, electricity, gas flames, and so many things like the spark of energetic life on camera.  The only thing that I can say it that it must be the vibrational frequency that makes it how we perceive the color.  In any case, it is something to work with and try experimenting in your own visualizations.

In my own dealings with spirit, I have been instructed to use cobalt or electric blue in protection visualizations.  It is indeed powerful.  Try using it in some of your work and see the effect blue has on you.

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