What is salt?

At its essence, salt is a crystal.  It is Sodium Chloride.  It is vital to our existence; we need it in our bodies to survive.  The majority of water on this planet contains salt, and it is a valuable ingredient in spiritual protection.

Salt was used as a form of currency during Roman times, the term, “salary” comes from the Latin word for salt.  It is essential in preserving and flavoring foods.  We use it daily without thought.  When we say the word, “salt,” most of us think of something like Morton’s brand of table salt, ironically in the blue container, a color of protection.

They have even started to do research on tears.  They have found that different types of human tears associated with different emotions not only create different shaped crystals, but have different colors when gathered and the salt collected from them.  Now, I’m sure that they are not going to use this for culinary purposes, but for a witch, ah, well this is a gold mine!!

There are many, many types of salt; in fact the salt industry has exploded into the gourmet world of culinary trends.  It is in the décor world with the popular salt lamps, the beauty industry with salt scrubs, salt foot detoxifiers, in health care departments of the corner store in saline neti pots and Epsom salts for soaking tired muscles.  The list of uses for salt is seemingly limitless.

With all of these kinds of salts, what I really want to focus on is salt for energetic or magical uses.

Salt in general, is a wonderful neutralizer of both positive and negative energies.  It leaves the energy in its purest state of being, a fresh slate if you will.


So your basic salt, every day run of the mill salt is white table salt, you can get it iodized or non-iodized.  For me, I buy the least expensive and keep a container with my witchy supplies.  I stash fast food salt packets in my car and purse for emergency protection uses.  You can use this type of salt for your everyday salt circle, cleansing salt sprays, and general ritual practices.


Rock salt can be carried in medicine bags, pouches or satchels.  It has not only protective qualities but also grounding and centering properties.


Himalayan salt is usually pink, although it does have other shades.  I use this mostly for making beauty products, scrubs for the shower as part of a nullifying and cleansing ritual.  I often mix it with a bit of cornmeal and essential oils for their healing and spiritual properties.  Below is a picture of salt beads, think about that as the focal point of a protection talisman.


Next, we hear a lot about black salt.  Black salt for our purposes is usually cast iron scrapings, ash from the fire, graveyard dirt, specifically burnt herbs, black pepper, or powdered black dye, chalk or other colorant mixed with white salt to create salt that is darkly hued.  There are lava salts from Hawaii and the like and they can be used as well. Many pull in the energy of Pele, so be careful how you choose.  As with other salts, there is a range of colors in the “lava” salt category as well. There is “Pot Ash” that can also be mixed with salt to make a black salt and that has a specific recipe of: tumbleweeds, licorice root, and peppers to make a more destructive black salt, in Hoodoo terms.  Usually black salt is used in “jinx” removing in the hoodoo world, keeping bad neighbors away, protection, banishing, and hexing. It is said that if someone is bothering you, sprinkle some black salt across their foot steps and it will drive them away.  The idea is that when you are making black salt from scratch that your intent is focused whether for hexing or for protection, banishing, whatever the purpose, so be clear when making it, that you know exactly what you are making it for.  It is often used in spirit callings and for Samhain rituals. It has been used in absorbing and containing negativity.  It can also be used during dark or new moons or honoring the crone.  Again, with everything it is in the intention of the mixture and how you plan on using it.


Colored salts are made in a variety of ways similar to black salt, very often they are mixed with herbs or spices, chalks, powdered dyes, etc.  The idea is similar to candle colors, you’ll use salts in your magical workings in the same ways; green for healing or money, red for romance or root chakra work, etc.  The list is really endless and with everything else it is again about the intent you put into it while making it.  There are also many naturally colored salts.  Hawaii has many and they use them for all sorts of medicinal and healing properties.  There are also flavored salts and different types of salts in a huge range of colors in the culinary world.


Saltpeter is Potassium Nitrate or Sodium Nitrate.  It’s used in gun powders among other things.  It is also a food preservative.  It is a natural mineral.  It is mixed in incenses to help them burn more smoothly and evenly.  It has a long history in Hoodoo, in baths, floor washes, love and money spells, etc. The idea is for spells that need a bang!  It’s a protective shoe sprinkle to ward you against any where you walk.  It’s used to remove jinxes and for cleansing.


Sea salt has its own energy.  It comes from the sea and brings with it the element of water. Salt on its own is the element of earth.  The combination of the two blends these elements.  If you added saltpeter to a blend, you’d add the element of fire as well. You could add an element to represent air and have all elements with your intent representing spirit.  This is the foundation of some powerful spell work.

So there’s a basic list.  It’s huge, I know.  It goes on and on.  Salt is pretty important to a witch’s tool box if that witch is using tools at all.  Basically, the most important thing to remember is your intention when using it.  You are the magic in everything.  So,  have fun and make some creative things with salt.

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