Protection of the Body Intro

What is protection?  When we are talking about protection we are talking in this group mostly about spiritual or energetic protection, but also about maintaining a good healthy body as best as possible.  When we are physically run down, it is hard to keep up our energetic and spiritual defenses.  So, think about ways you can boost your immune system, eat well, exercise, laugh, play, and love well.

We are what we think, so keeping your mind free of negative thoughts or cyclical thinking is also a vital part of staying strong and having good protection.  Everyone knows how getting caught in a negative cycle can bring us down faster than anything else, so use those cleansing and grounding techniques we’ve learned from the last two weeks to shake that crap off and rise above.  Keeping our vibrations at the highest frequencies is an excellent way to stay strong and well protected!

Here are some ways to protect yourself:

  1. So really, keeping a good body and mind are the first ways to protect yourself, see how I slipped that in, haha, gotcha.
  2. Next, is smudging; we learned about this last week. It not only cleanses you, both spiritually and energetically, but also physically with its antibacterial properties.  This is a fast way to set up a thin layer of protection.
  3. Using a visualization, like the intermediate cleansing exercise we practiced last week, Sherry’s egg shell, creates a strong protective armor around yourself. Other types of visualizations are bubble, armor, etc.  Ok, I’m including intention with this.  Everything is intention.  You must have a good clear intention of what you want and what you are creating in order for it to work.  If you aren’t clear and firm about it, neither will be your intention.
  4. Salt circle. Well salt is pretty important. I’m going to do a separate post just on salt, so I don’t want to get into it too much here, but putting yourself in a salt circle is fabulous. I carry fast food salt packets in my car and in my purse in a little pill bottle just incase I need a quickie salt circle!  Yup! I salt circle myself in the seat of my car if I need it.  Works every time! Lol  Ok, also when we are talking about a salt circle, we are not talking about a heavy solid line of salt that requires a half a container of table salt.  This is not the movies.  We have to remember that salt is a crystal as well, so when I’m in my car a pinch or two of salt around my person is adequate.  For a ritual circle we are talking more, but honestly it’s not like you are buying Morton’s salt by the case!
  5. Crystals have their own energy and properties and can work by themselves or when combined in other methods.
  6. Amulets, charms, talismans, tools that are created or enchanted to work as protective devices for you.
  7. Symbols, sigils, and seals. We’ll get into this more later, but it’s important to mention them so you know that it’s possible. An example of this may be protective things drawn on the body, tattoos, etc.
  8. Calling in a spirit or protective entity, creature or other such magical being to help you as a protector.


Ok, so here are eight!  I’m sure there are tons more, but my brain hurts already!  So just to start off I really just want to focus on the first five this week.  We might mention the others, but we have separate weeks dedicated to each of those topics when we get into more advanced stuff.  So smudging we’ve got covered last week.  Are there any questions about that?  If so, post them and we will address them as best we can, OR, we’ll fake it ‘til we make it! Visualization, we also went over a bit, so again if there are questions, please post them.  Salt we will talk about more in a separate post as I said, so that leaves us to crystals.

Crystals have their own energy.  On a most basic level, carrying or wearing certain crystals can add to your arsenal of protection.

As an example, I always have a black tourmaline and a quartz crystal in my car. ALWAYS.  I feel like it helps cars to sort of move away from me and I visualize that.  When I’m in my car, I feel like with the crystal energy, the car is an extension of my body and it helps me project my protective bubble so that cars just move away from me.

There are lots of ways to use crystals from jewelry, to medicine bags, pouches, satchels, crystal grids, etc.  The idea is to combine your energy with that of the crystal.

There is one other thing that I want to talk about, and this is mirrors as a visualization.  Mirrors as a protective device are not a good idea in general.  Think about what they do, they reflect.  What this does is bounce the energy back and forth rather than dealing with it directly.  It is far better to have up shields such as eggs, bubbles, armor, etc and let that energy slide off and be grounded and nullified or neutralized by the earth.  Remember, energy is not created or destroyed, it can only change form, so lets send that negative energy in the form of a psychic attack or whatever to the Earth Mama, the great recycler to deal with it.

Okay, so let’s combine our knowledge at this point and try an exercise.

Novice exercise:

Get comfortable in a sitting or standing position. Drop a grounding cord. Make sure that you have cleansed yourself, but smudge or other method so that your mind and body are clear and you can have the best results.  Place yourself in a salt circle. Notice how your energy feels smudged and now in a salt circle.  You might feel strengthened if you are sensitive or nothing.  Either is ok, just be assured that it’s working.  Remember intent is important.  Now speaking of intent, set your intent to be protected, mind, body, and spirit.   Okay, got that? Let’s add another layer. This time when you do this add a crystal or two to enhance your protection.  Remember, blend all of these energies with your intention of being protected.  This is beginning protection.  What do you notice?  How do you feel differently when you have not applied these techniques.  Add your visualization of the egg or bubble, what ever you are using.  How is this different?  Remember, we are teaching you to build layers.  The more layers, the more complex the protection is.  Okay, let’s hear from you guys…  Let’s get some comments

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