Intermediate Cleansing Exercise

Today’s exercise comes from a mentor of mine, Sherry Whitfield, guardian of the ancient crystal skull, Synergy.  She shares information freely as we are doing here today.  She and Synergy’s messages are of love and being, “real.”  You can find Sherry on FB, Crystalline Fellowship, YouTube, on Etsy, (Blue Star Traders), History Channel’s Ancient  Aliens, and on line at,  Synergy is also listed in the Ancient Crystal Skulls registry of authenticated skulls on line.   She and Synergy travel the world giving talking stories, participating in earth healing ceremonies on ley lines, drum circles, lectures, and private sessions.  You can check her calendar to find out if she’ll be near you if you are interested.  She is amazing, lovely, and a joyous human being.

Ground yourself with a cord.  Visualize an egg shell surrounding your entire body. Pay close attention to the ,”shell” part of it.  Feel the shell getting thicker and thicker, until it is about ½” -2” thick.

Check the shell for any cracks, rips, tears or holes and repair them. Visualize a needle and thread, superglue, a patch, whatever ideas you can imagine to make these repairs.  There is no wrong way.

When your egg shell is complete, spray with Teflon or cooking spray, (if you are more environmentally conscience.) Remember, this is a visualization.  The spray coating is to deflect and allow anything coming at you to simply slide off.

Notice at the bottom of your egg a one way drain that allows stuff to go out, but not come in.  This does not interfere with your ability to ground.

Imagine a shower head or hose at the top of your egg that allows the flow of golden or white light to rain down on you and rotate around your body to reach all parts.

Clean the interior of the eggshell, the energy inside, and your body.

Allow all of the junk to go out of your drain.

Check the outside of your eggshell again. Check the inside.

Notice any objects or entities on the outside and inside of your eggshell. Check around chakras, under arms, joints, any folds in the skin, etc. remove them, flush them down your drain.

Now, look again in your energy field. Notice any strings. Sever all strings, except the ones with the highest love.  Allow them to fall away down your drain.  (if you desire you can follow the string and see who or what it is connected to.)

Use the visualization of a sharp knife, scissors, a sword, whatever your preference to sever these ties.

Say, “I cut these Karmic ties, thereby granting the person, place or thing their freedom, thereby granting myself freedom. Only the ties of highest love are allowed. Only what is natural, appropriate and correct at this time.”

Do this for each chakra.

Check grounding again.

Allow the light to wash over you again.

Strengthen the eggshell one more time.

Do this daily.

Then slowly open your eyes.

So this may be a little more advanced for some of you as it combines protection as well as cleansing and also severing of Karmic ties and chakra work, but I really wanted to share it with you because her language and process is very basic and simple.  Later we will go back to this and really break it apart and discuss the elements of it.  However, it is enough to simply do the visualizations daily at whatever level you understand.  It will work for you.  Try it and please, let us know what your results are.  I do this every night before I go to sleep.  I lie in bed, close my eyes and visualize.  It rids my body and mind of anxieties and feeling slimy from the day.  I think it is wonderful.  I always did a variation of this, but I like the simplicity of Sherry’s style for a daily routine!  I’m kinda lazy when it comes to that stuff and I find this is easy enough to do that I actually do it.  Sherry also recommends trying it while in the shower.  While you are washing your physical body, also wash your energetic one.  Either way, it’s a great exercise.

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