Crystals for Grounding

We’ve talked a lot about grounding lately and here is another layer for you.  You can use the energy of crystals, individually, in groups or combined with other methods you have for grounding to add another dimension to your grounding process.

For grounding a good general rule is to look for stones that are a deep red, black, or brownish color.  These stones usually correspond to the earth, earth element, and root chakra, ass good things to focus on for grounding intentions.

I like to think of crystals or rocks that also include things like petrified wood, pyrite, smokey quartz, lodestones, Apache tears, obsidians, onyx, and black tourmalines. Also, ambers, bronzites, and tiger’s eye, or most stones that have any kind of a metal name or connotation to them are usually safe bets.

For these kinds of stones, in terms of charging or clearing them, the best method is to bury them for a time in the earth.  They came from the earth and returning them there to neutralize and boost up is their most favorite method.

The energy of these stones has a certain weightiness to them.  You can feel yourself centered and set where you are. This makes them powerful aids when you are struggling to maintain your own center.  I carry a hematite heart in my pocket always.  If I feel ungrounded, I hold it in my hand and rub it a bit.  It always helps.

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