Imbolc Awakening

Today is Imbolc, February 2nd, and as they say, it is a time of the Crone of winter giving way to the rebirth of herself into the virgin Goddess, Brigid.  She is a fire goddess and in this form, a healer, allowing us to cast off old energies into the fire and making way for new beginnings. She is healing old wounds of the past, tossing out that which no longer serves us, or that which is not for our highest good.  As the light continues to increase, bringing us out of the darkness of winter, so does the light of new ideas and fresh starts.

It is a time of dragons, phoenixes and other firebirds of mythical makings. I think of the ferocity of such beings, built out of the eternal fires, rebirthing themselves into new worlds full of knowledge and fire. Using inspiration from these energies, I think of the birthing process, the struggle to be born, painful, bloody, full of strife, and determination. It is at the worst frightening and messy, and at the best joyous and celebratory.

This is the energy and cycle of Imbolc.  It is life and death.  It is coming from dark into the light.  I was reminded of this just two days ago in a conversation with someone.  I was pushing someone to be more helpful in a situation and I told them to get out of their, “comfort zone.”  I realize now, after some reflection that this conversation was the embodiment of Imbolc energy at play in my life.  Whenever I find myself, “comfortable,” it is time again to move.

Growth is uncomfortable.  It is painful for many of us and a struggle.  I too, am shedding my old layers, releasing my crone of 2015 and beginning again as the fresh daisy.  The past few days for me have held many epiphanies and new changes in my spiritual path as I am challenged to continue to step forward on my path and meet what my destiny has laid out for me.

I am an Aries, a fire sign, and also a healer by profession and by spiritual path.  It is the baby of the zodiac, eternally struggling to grow.  I find myself comforted by the acceptance of this energy at this time of the year.  I ask Brigid to loan me the mantel of her blessings, as I am using it to propel myself forward through the quickening into the light of spring and summer.  I planted seeds during the cold dark winter of introspection and am now blessing those seeds so that they can germinate and begin to break through into the light as we move toward the Vernal Equinox.

How are you feeling the energies of rebirth and new growth this season?  For many, it has been a winter of ups and downs between undulating weather patterns, strange politics, crisis in the news, and strong astrological shifts.  How will you awaken this year?

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Imbolc blessing


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