Grounding Energy

What Happens to the Energy I Send to Ground?

I was asked the other day by someone I was helping understand grounding concepts, “What happens to the negative energy that I send into the earth? Is it harmful to the planet?”

I thought, “What a great question!”  There are no silly questions and this is a valid concern.  With the state of things in the world, it seems as if we have more than our share of negativity.  Is this created by us or the process of the earth’s transition with the other astrological shifts, who knows?  But certainly, we can make efforts to pay attention and try to minimize our personal contribution to the world’s negative seemingly state.  That’s my thought anyway.

I began my answer really by quoting a basic concept of physics, “Energy cannot created or destroyed.  It can only change form.”  Thinking about this in terms of all energy from the sun, to rising volcanic gases, rushing water, the electricity in our house, to the internal electrical energy of our bodies, all we are actually doing is shifting forms of energy.  When releasing a charge, similar to a static shock, out of our bodies and into the ground to be neutralized, it is also shifting forms.

The truth is, energy is energy.  There isn’t good or bad energy.  Energy has positive and negative charges like the opposite sides of a battery.  Both are required for balance in the universe.  Both are vital to life.  We are simply letting go of a form of energy that no longer serves us or is no longer for our highest good.  Now having said that, it does not mean that those charges, being, “negative” or whatever we are categorizing them, are not exactly what someone or something else needs in the world.

I like to think of this in terms of our relationship with trees.  We breathe in oxygen.  As humans, we might categorize this as a positive form of energy for our bodies.  We breathe out, carbon dioxide, something we might categorize as a negative form of energy for our bodies.  Ok, that seems simple enough.  However, for trees this is not true.  Trees take our expelled carbon dioxide in, perhaps in the tree’s perspective this is a positive form of energy. The tree uses it and releases oxygen into the atmosphere.  For the tree, this perhaps is a negative form of energy. Together there is an energy exchange of positive and negative substances, depending on perspective, that create a necessary symbiotic relationship required for both to survive.

So, when we really think about negative or positive energy for us, what we are releasing is more about our perspective on it, than something that is actually harmful in the universe.  It is simply a form of energy that we no longer need or want.  It is the yin and yang of energy if you will.  This is true for other abstract concepts like magic(k) as well, but that is a conversation for another day.

Well, having said all of that, go ahead and get comfortable, close your eyes, drop a grounding cord, and feel free to let all that is no longer serving you or that is not for your highest good be released from you and neutralized into the center of the earth.  Mama Earth is a great recycler, she’ll use whatever you don’t need or want anymore when it comes to energy!  Blessed be.

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