Grounding Using the Senses

To continue on the topic of grounding there are a number of ways you can have additional layers to your grounding rituals.  Think about adding aspects of your senses to grounding rituals, sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and spirit.  These are powerful ways to get in touch with your body and really begin to feel your self in space.  Do you feel centered and connected or do you feel light headed and floating? Take some time to evaluate your sense of yourself in your body and in your space.

Some suggestions for pulling sight into grounding rituals might be pictures of your family and friends, beautiful colors of the room you’re in, beautiful textiles or images that are meaningful or moving to you.  If you are grounding in nature, notice the shades and hues of the natural world around you.  What animals to you see? How does the sky look, the clouds, the ground, the leaves and trees, water around you?

For bringing in sound into your ritual to connect with your sense of hearing, think about what does nature sound like where you are?  Are you playing beautiful music in your home or sacred space that moves you or transports you to different levels of perception? These can enhance your experience and help ground you.  You can even try nature sound indoors if you can’t get out into the natural world.

Touch is equally important to grounding rituals. Can you feel the earth below you? What type of ground are you on? Is there the feeling of a textile that is special or can you, “feel” the energy around you or in your body?  Work with these sensations to enhance your grounding ritual experience.  For me, feeling energy is most powerful. I get energy surges throughout my body like a barometer of what is going on both around me as well as in the spiritual realm.  It is a vital part of all of my rituals and ceremonies.

Taste can be a powerful tool as well.  Try some teas that have grounding properties such as a ginger or hibiscus teas.  Try earthy or musky teas that connect you with the earth.  I like an Oolong or other black tea.  Also, red foods or root vegetables such as carrots, yams, beets, celery, onions, garlic, etc. all have grounding impact on the body energetically speaking.  Also, red or earthy spices can be very grounding.  I think of cayenne, chilies, cumin, curries, masalas, ginger again, paprikas, and peppercorns.  These can be pungent and range from sweet, to sharp and spicy.

Additionally, one can not talk about grounding and taste and not include the powerful category of mushrooms and fungi.  These are some of the most amazing foods on the planet with amazing healing and nurturing properties.  They are in their essence, eating the earth!

Smell is another transporting element that can significantly enhance any grounding ritual.  Patchouli oil on the navel area or as incense is very grounding.  I always think of flower children during the Hippie era and their signature smell of Patchouli. They were such free spirits that really benefited from the the grounding properties of Patchouli oil.

Other incenses, smudges, or scents like scented candles or essential oils have very powerful effects on both the subtle or energetic body as well as the physical body. Sage is a very common herb used in smudge sticks, especially with Native cultures. Personally, I like Palo Santo, or holy stick that is found in South America.  It is a sacred wood and protected, but can be purchased ethically.  It comes both as the wood as well as in an oil extracted from the wood itself.  There are many other scents, one of my friends like Nag Champa as his personal choice for grounding, actually now that I think of it, so does my brother. For me it’s too musky, but perhaps it appeals more to a masculine sensibility.  I don’t know, either way, it is up to you.  Find one or more that speak to you and your tastes. It really is a personal choice.

Speaking of smell, I would be remiss in not mentioning that spirits find it easiest to contact and communicate with us through our olifactory system or sense of smell. As soon as you smell something it is actually already in the brain being processed as information as well as creating chemical changes in the physical body.  We process this information faster than through any other sense.  Very often, people starting out with spirit guide communication or mediumship first experience disembodied smells. Pulling in this sense in grounding rituals could be very powerful indeed.

This really brings us to our last sense.  This is our sixth sense, that of spirit or intuition.  There is a wonderful exercise I learned when I was first starting out that was so amazing and powerful.  A basil plant was placed on the center of a table about 5′ away from me.  I was asked to close my eyes, drop a grounding cord and energetically connect with the plant. I asked the plant with my inner voice to speak to me, to connect with me. Suddenly, I began to smell dirt, it was earthy and rich.  I previously had not smelled anything in the room.  Next, I smelled the leaves and the unmistakable scent of basil.  It was herbaceous and fresh. Amazing. While I was pulling in other senses as well this experience, I was undoubtedly using my intuition. I was reading the energy of the plant.  It was an experience that I will never forget.  It taught me so many things.   I sometimes use the experience to ground myself when I am in a place that I cannot connect with the earth.

I was in court many years ago for divorce proceedings.  It was a hard time for me as you can imagine.  I was feeling overwhelmed, scared, hurt, and a slew of other emotions that I felt that I would not be able to control. I caught a slight whiff of basil suddenly in one nostril.  I knew that it was the memory of that experience and spirit talking to me, telling me how to ground.  I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, dropped a grounding cord and just remembered and connected with that little basil plant.  That plant has been one of my greatest teachers.  I encourage you to try this experiment.  I has been so powerful in my life, and one of my best tools.

So here are a bunch of ways to layer your grounding rituals with the use of all of your senses. Try some of these or really challenge yourself and create a ritual using all of them. I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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