Grounding Intermediate Level

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Are you ready for something a bit harder?

Intermediate exercise:

Sit in a comfortable position with your bare feet flat on the floor. Drop a grounding cord, lock it into place.

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Slowly begin to breath deeply, with each deep breath pull energy up through your feet from the earth until it fills your body to the middle of your torso. This may take a few minutes.

Notice the sensation of the energy in your body as it touches your feet and fills your legs and lower torso.

Now, focus on the universe above you and begin with each breath, to pull that energy down through the top of your head, (crown chakra), and allow it to slowly fill your head, arms and upper torso.

As the energy from above and the energy from below touches one another in the center of your torso, let it mingle and become like golden honey, transforming your entire body with this amber energy.

Notice it running throughout your entire body, pushing anything not for your highest good, no longer necessary for you, to simply be pushed out of your body and down your grounding cord to be neutralized in the center of the earth.

Continue to breath deeply until you feel centered and relaxed, but energized. Your breathing throughout the exercise should be comfortable for you, but also deep. Remember that deep breathing like anything else takes practice and is using muscles that you probably don’t use as often for breathing as maybe you could.

When you are ready, open your eyes and give yourself a moment to evaluate your body sensations with your eyes open in your space.

If you feel dizzy or light-headed, stay seated and use the frontal occipital hold from yesterday’s exercise.

What were your personal experiences with the exercises or what were some of your own techniques?

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